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Here are the benefits for experts:

M.A.P. University is partnering with successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, best-selling authors, and world renowned business and wealth-building experts to undertake a unique 90-Day to Prosperity Million” challenge with three to five individuals that will demonstrate that with the right mindset and team, you can be, do, and achieve anything!

What’s In It for You:

YOU will be able to:

  • Increased revenue,
  • Free publicity through Top media outlets,
  • Increased website traffic,
  • More Opt-in subscribers,
  • Greater brand awareness, and
  • Increased Brand Favorability

As M.A.P. University Expert or Investor, you have the opportunity to:

  • Promote your business to hundreds of thousands of potential customers and media outlets for free through the Map University network, websites and media communications.
  • Be featured on the MAP University Radio and Television show.
  • Participate in radio blitzes in top 10 major markets
  • Promote approved events to through the Map University network and websites.
  • Sell your related books, audios and videos on the Map University websites.
  • Participate in Map University education-based marketing webinars, teleseminars, and live events.
  • Include your products and services in incentive based e-mail campaigns that will go out to over a million opt-in subscribers
  • Be featured on national interviews on XM and Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Participate in viral marketing campaigns through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and various Ning websites
  • To be pitched for television appearances to top 30 outlets
  • To be pitched for feature articles with dozens of magazines, newspapers and online sources
  • Be included in themed press releases that will be distributed monthly to thousands of media outlets.
  • Be included in direct mail campaigns to colleges and universities as well as speaking tours at colleges and universities and faith based organizations
  • Participate in paid webinars and teleseminars and
  • Have your articles, audios and videos featured on the Map University Network.
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