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How To Uncover The Challenges, Problems,And Untapped Opportunities Your Company Is Dealing with Right Now

Dear Profit Motivated Business Owner,

If you own or run a successful and profitable business, and know that you could be doing even better, this invitation could be perfect for you. You now can now review, evaluate and assess your company strengths and weaknesses.

Normally when I consult with clients I charge $2,500 for a full day of analysis and evaluation. When, I would visit them, I’d go over every area of the businesses operations. I ask questions that reveal the challenges and hidden opportunities that they never saw before and I probe and pick the minds of the best people there, and when I am finished I come back with a full analysis and implementation plan for them to work on. If they want me to help them implement the procedures I offer that as well.

I am able to give businesses the best ideas I know of to improve their businesses. Although I enjoy going out and visiting different businesses, it can be very time consuming doing things this way. So I decided to try something different.

I am offering you unique and low cost opportunity to have me go over every aspect of your business and show you the trouble areas and where the potential gold mines are hidden. You get this for far less than if you paid to have me for an entire day! All you have to do is call me and for low investment, I will send you

Focus On You
Profit Generator Developer

This is an extremely valuable document that was exclusively reserved only for my new clients, they get a copy of the PGD before I start working with them. You may find that just answering the questions in the PGD, can be like a complete consultation by itself.

I offer an expanded version of the PGD ($5,000 minimum) to larger business. But this entrepreneurial version is a powerful questionnaire that is a $250 valued portion of the full PGD.

The Profit Generator Developer (PGS) will ask you comprehensive, thought provoking, challenging questions that are designed to search out the under-performing activities that need optimization, total turn around, or elimination. It also shows areas that should be increased, could be made into a new profit center, or can bring in new unseen profits. Be prepared you may not have ever even thought about many of these questions for your business ever before.

87% Of The Business People In America,
Spend More Time Working IN Their Business,
Than They Ever Do Working ON Their Business.

For these people, their business runs them instead of the other way around. You’ll be ahead of 87% of the businesses in America, just by answering these questions. Then you can focus on the realities of your business, apply these success-increasing principles to your business and discover much more success and profits in less time.

If you are unable to understand some of this questions, that’s ok. You just call or email me and I will answer to you. If you want me to work with you and help you to put a plan or strategies together, let me know.

When you finish answering all the questions in the PGD, send it to me in the included self-addressed stamped envelope. I will then go over your PGD and create for you a Completely Customized Detailed Guide To Cost Effective Profitable Promotion on what you should be doing in your business.

I’m offering you a powerful opportunity to quantum leap your profits beyond what you thought was possible. If you have the vision and ability to grow your business, you will be glad that you met me, guaranteed.

  • You will get a strategic, formulated personal action plan.
  • You will get your sales approach redeveloped.
  • You will get your ads or sales letters redesign and improved.
  • You will get the individual and specific promotional, marketing, sales and advertising strategies you need to make that growth really happen.
  • You will get all the overlooked opportunities and hidden assets in your specific business.
  • You will have systems that allow you to position you and your company as company where customers will be strive to referral to
  • Your  products or services will get the maximum results out of your marketing and your clients/prospects.
  • and much more!

This is the next best thing to privately consulting with me!

Unfortunately, since the work I will be doing with the PGD is highly individualized and private. I must work with each participants PGD individually, so I can only offer this to a maximum of 10 companies per month to participate in this profitable business-building adventure.

The reason is simple: I will be investing 3 to 4 days analyzing, formulating, and constructing a company’s PGD.  Even if I wanted to, there’s no physical way for me to do more than 10 companies in one month..

Your Challenges In Business Are Unique,
So Why Shouldn’t Your Business Plan
Be Just As Unique?

Let’s face it, you deal with very complex challenges, competition and market conditions in your business activities day to day. Just as different keys open different locks, the strategy for success that you need is going to be different from the strategic solution that’s right for someone else in a different business.

This is why the PGD looks just at your unique needs, then focuses on what systems, tactics and strategies are best for your unique business situation.

The PGD is designed to reveal and discover the key powers and challenges of your business. It’s very possible that I’ll recommend three or four exciting solutions, for every challenge you have. Each of solution will have complete outlines of new tactics and strategies to follow! These solutions and outlines should skyrocket your business far past your competitors and set you up for a rapid boost of profits many times more than what you’re used to now.

Here’s some examples of what the PGD will be focusing on:

  • What your UBA (Unique Business Advantage) needs to really be. Then I’ll develop it to fullest, clearest and most powerful form conceivable.
  • The best most effective use of your money, marketing, employees, opportunities, and assets.
  • Additional and improved ways to attract, close, sell and service more clients and promotions etc.
  • Adding greater direct response systems to your marketing and risk
    reversal to everything your business ever does.
  • How to increase your closing rate, size of sale and frequency of re-purchase.
  • Developing your optimum strategic business plan, to better systemize and optimize every area in your business.
  • Increasing your choices of opportunities by building back-end revenue, repeat orders, referrals, add-on purchases and joint ventures.
  • The most overlooked source of new customers, that you already own and how to tap it.
  • Generating endorsements and free marketing opportunities

Plus, any and every critical thing I believe is needed to increase your levels of success boost your sales, improving your profits and just growing your business over all.

But the unique pricing structure is what I think you’ll like best. The investment is only $250 now, plus a $2,500 performance bonus (The performance bonus is paid as soon as you like the proposal). That’s is a lot or a little time depending on your perspective.

To Contact me Click Here

You always have choices in life. I believe that when people have all the facts you can make the right decision for you. Now with me as I see it, the GPD isn’t the only way that you can grow your business. There are really 4 different areas that you can choose from to improve your business. Which of these would you pick?

Choice 1 – Work harder. Trade your time for money. Be away from your family more, have less time for yourself.

Choice 2 – Get a loan to expand your business.  Borrow money from the bank, mortgage your house, use credit cards. This way you end up working for your creditors.

Choice 3 – Multiply your time. Hire More Employees. This generates more overhead and more chances of lawsuits.

Best Choice – Uncover, optimize and profit from the hidden assets and opportunities in your business. Create new streams of cash using the same resources you currently have.

If I can show you how to uncover the hidden assets in your business
and teach you how to profit from them, would you be interested?

This Offer Isn’t For Everyone

I must give you fair warning, you must bold enough and willing to upgrade, transform, re-engineer and improve your marketing, strategic selling systems and business procedures. With this program I’ll go right to the heart of the matter. The PGD is like an X-RAY machine they use at the hospital. It gives me a great view at every important area of your business. I can pick out the trouble spots and discover where the financial cancer is hiding.

The solutions I come up with will probably be so readily verifiable and logical, that you will wonder how you missed them. You may not like what I have to say because I will tell you truth about your business. I can understand that. Sometime our ego plays a big role in our business. And if you smart, you better be rich then right all the time, right?  However, you have to care more about your clients than about your business or your product.

“If you want to get everything what you want, you have to help enough people to get what they want”

Zig Ziglar

I guarantee that if you like me or not, but after I review your business and give you the results that will make you huge profit. I will not drag you kicking and screaming to success.

Coming Up With Money-Making Strategies Is Serious Business

The goal I have is to attract only success and profit driven business people that recognize the value I am offering and invest $250 up-front and a $2,500 performance bonus (The performance bonus is paid as soon as you like the proposal) I GUARANTEE that you double you net profit or I will REFUND you all the money plus $50 of my own after you applied my promotional and marketing strategies. This way you get to use the programming I come up for you, but really only pay for it when it performs for you.

If you decide that this offer is right for you, get ready to co-operate, focus, and work as you never have before. This is the cornerstone to your success with the plan that I will create for you. Once you get back the completed plan you must act, execute and continue the process until you profit from the rewards the program produces.

The quality of the questions you ask about yourself and your business are what determine your success, when you ask the right questions you will then be able to focus on the right areas to improve your business.

So most business people are accepting a very small part of the real results, success or wealth that is possible for them. Until you and your organization identify the biggest, most pressing questions or challenging issues holding you back many of you get paralyzed and can’t move forward at all. Now you can when you get your copy of the Focus On You  Profit Generator Developer.

Let’s turn tragedy into triumph!!

All Success,

Alexander Alperovich

Marketing Leverage Specialist

MAP Alliance, LLC

P.S. You really don’t have to suffer the limitations and frustrations that you and your company are grappling with.

P.P.S. If you don’t plan on taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity. I don’t want your time reading this to be a waste. So here is a small list of questions designed to help you develop an awareness and understanding
some of the issues and challenges negatively impacting your business.

1.   What critical business or industry problems, questions or challenges are keeping you from your real success?
2.   What are the most achievable opportunities your business is facing that you should actively pursue?
3.   What are the specific tactical questions you need answers for in your business, whose answers would help you take your business to the next level?

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