What Sets M.A.P.Apart

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What sets us apart from the Competition:

First, under the guidance of advisors responsible for numerous multi-million dollar product launches, the company has a developed a proven business model with over 250 proprietary income accelerators that includes turnkey solutions and time-tested best practices, scripts and templates for fast results. The company’s methodology and 90-day results-oriented focus is centered on Four Key MAP Abilities – Business Development, Recruiting of Experienced Management, Fundraising, and Strategic Partnership Formation.

Second, the Company’s advisors are world renowned experts in the areas of accelerated product development, branding, marketing, publicity, sales, finance, and the creation scalable businesses that can be automated or sold.

Third, through its advisory and joint venture relationships, the Company has access to top selling product lines that will reduce Company development time and risk.

Fourth, the Company has strategic partnerships with key influencers who have large existing customer bases that can accelerate the Company’s growth and reduce its marketing costs.

Fifth, the Company only chooses participants for MAP program product development based on need, merit, and potential. It focuses on those individuals who have unique, compelling, emotional and viral backstories. The Company feels strongly that it can continue to compete effectively because of the significant barriers to entry for new firms including: development of proven scalable business systems, industry relationships, capitalization, brand awareness, and experienced management.

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