Case Studies

Using a combination of over one hundred and fifty tactics and strategies that Jay Abraham had refined over many years, we have developed a profit formula that:

  • Maximizes “Lead Generation”, with free up front offers, joint ventures, networking with a proper hook, guaranteed referrals, expert positioning in your field, competition-based strategies, presentations, viral marketing, sponsorships and much much more…
  • Maximizes “Conversions” by maximizing leads to reduce client acquisition costs (the most expensive function of any business) using smart language that triggers emotions like ‘is losing weight a priority for you…? testimonials, facts and figures, powerful marketing material, endorsements, product samples, puppy dog closes, objection handling, payment terms and much much more…
  • Maximizes “Average Transaction Size”, with program and package deals (Happy Meal), up-sells (do you want that Super-Sized?), first time buyers offers (starter kits), gifts with minimum purchase, higher caliber clientele, check-lists, desensitized names (Gourmet Pizza is not going to be mistaken for 3 for 1 – therefore clients are preconceived to spend more happily) and much much more…
  • Maximizes “Number of Annual Transactions”, through a maintenance program, quarterly events partnered with synergistic company (less pressure to get all attendees – more value for those that show up), automated follow up, free offers, upgrade products (Windows), special of the month, new client thank you cards, free trials, and much much more…
  • Maximizes “Profit Margins”, by raising prices so no one notices, eliminating waste, cutting distribution costs (much easier than cutting product costs), stopping discounts (10% discount means you have to sell 33% more to break even!), checking your phone bills for errors, buying for appreciation and leasing for depreciation, forming buying groups, promoting idle time and much much more…

…and these are just a few of the basics.

I’m Ready To DOUBLE My Profits… Let Me In!

Will your results be as dramatic as those above? I say YES… at least on a relative basis. It is obviously dependent upon the numbers your business is already doing and your ability to follow the step-by-step formula. But, every time a new business commits to Our 5 Step Proven Profit Formula… the conversion rates always follow a predictable pattern.

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