Mission, Objectives, Value


To become one of the leading self-improvement brands in world by teaching an accelerated process for making rapid and sustainable progress toward any financial, business, or life goal in 90 days. A measurable byproduct of this process is the ability for one to create or raise up to $1 million in 90 days while living out their passion.

We want to inspire all individuals and organizations to push beyond their challenges and embrace a new sense of possibility by showing that nearly anything can be achieved in a short period of time with the right mindset and team and by “paying it forward.”


  • Become a leader in the self-improvement industry as a rapid life and business transformation company
  • Deliver unrivaled self-improvement training and related offerings
  • Grow profitability worldwide
  • Excel in customer and client orientation
  • Encourage social entrepreneurship

Our Message:

“Think Big.  Play Big.  Give Big.”

Our Values:

MAP University teaches individuals and organizations to steward their income in an enlightened way.  This is done by reinvesting, tithing, and contributing time and/or money to educational, mentoring, and philanthropic systems to pass on the self-renewing experience of collaboration, achievement, and the Law of Attraction.

Short Term Goals:

  • Complete management, marketing and advisory teams.
  • Guide three MAP University applicants through the accelerated MAP process, generating or raising over a $1 million dollars in 90 days using their own products and those licensed from MAP University advisors and joint-venture partners.
  • Record, compile, and package MAP participants’ training and experiences into duplicable training systems that can be automated or sold.
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