About The Company

Company: M.A.P. Alliance, LLC is enLIGHTened* enterprise that provides training and educational services in the areas of entrepreneurship, wealth-building and self-improvement.

Products/Services: The Company’s primary product and service lines are offered under the MAP University™ brand and include self-improvement products; wealth and business coaching programs specializing in strategy, planning and implementation services; and joint-venture and affiliate program marketing and licensing. The Company’s proprietary program is its 90 Days to a Prosperity Million™ Challenge (“NTAM”). The program features a team of experts who mentor individuals with unique life challenges to help achieve their ultimate dreams, and in the process make or raise one million dollars in 90 days. Through fee based MAP University mentoring programs, other individuals and organizations are able to watch, learn and earn alongside NTAM participants as they “pay it forward” by helping others achieve their dreams using the MAP University system.

Description of Our Market: The Company’s target audiences are: affluent baby boomer women who purchase 70% of self improvement products and services; coaches; startup entrepreneurs and existing small business owners; individuals seeking to make a transition from corporate America to their own businesses; full-time entrepreneurs operating online or home-based businesses; and sales professionals including network and online marketers. Our market penetration strategies target “early adopter” self improvement consumers; online and affiliate marketers; internet, business, wealth and life coaches; and key influencers within this demographic including the media personalities, managers of online and offline business networks, large email list owners, and meeting and event planners.

Company objectives: Our objective is to meet customer demand by being the provider of choice for quality self-improvement products and services that facilitate rapid and sustainable success toward any goal in 90 days. By the close of year 1, in addition to licensed programs from Company advisors, the Company plans to offer product bundles,
membership and subscription services, and webinar and teleseminar programs developed by three NTAM participants. The Company plans to introduce six new MAP participant programs in year 2, and begin sales of “repurposed” MAP programs for specialty, niche and affinity markets. The Company plans to release nine new MAP participant programs in year 3 and 15 MAP participant programs in year 5. We expect the Company to generate over $20 million in revenue by year. By year 7, using momentum generated from sales and major traditional, online and social media sources, we want to capture 0.15% of the projected $24 billion self-improvement market.

Management: The Company is managed by a seasoned professional with over 10 years’ experience running business consulting, online marketing, social media and networking companies. He has contributed to self-improvement products with some of the industry’s top names including Mark Victor Hansen and Wayne Dyer, who have been responsible for over a billion dollars in self-improvement product sales. Through his extensive relationships, he is able to leverage the talents, networks and experiences of millionaires, celebrities, and top business and financial professionals to help ensure the success of the company.

Why the business will succeed: We have a scalable, high margin business model and the right vision to meet consumers’ needs. We have experienced industry experts and investment advisors with proven track records who know the self-improvement industry and who can help optimize the Company’s operations. Finally, the Company is operating in a growing market and has a unique program and proprietary accelerators in addition to numerous other distinct competitive advantages.

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