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“What if You Could Put My Genius to Work For YOU For ZERO Risk and NO Up-Front Cost?”

I’m not kidding. You can literally “hire” me personally without spending any money up front.

Keep reading to find out how…

Strategic Alliances (Joint Ventures) have been around since the dawn of business as a way of saying “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”

Strategic Alliances are joint ventures where two or more business people come together to exploit their existing assets to create a profitable, win/win situation.

From as early as tribes people joint venturing for clothing and weaponry or right up to the present day with McDonalds and Coke or McDonalds and Disney toys in happy meals.

This does not mean that joint ventures are something that only large companies do.  There are joint ventures between car dealerships and mechanics or solicitors with accountants.

The opportunities are endless!

In a nutshell

Businesses sell a product that certain people want

  • Usually more than one Business reaches that certain group of people.
  • Businesses can easily reach more people and sell more products by partnering with another Business that reaches that same market. (Complimentary products.)
  • Very simply, both Businesses make more money (easily) by simply working together.

It means that if you own a business that sells something, then you can make a lot more money by simply partnering with another business that reaches more of your market.

They will either have you refer people to them as well, or they’ll take a “cut” of the profits that they generate for you – profits that you wouldn’t have had otherwise…

This is cheaper and much faster than advertising, and more sales will be made because the partnership will actually leverage the relationship and rapport that each business already has with it’s customers.

The list owner can literally make a fortune just by telling their customers about someone else’s product (they’ll make a commission on each sale). This can often become so lucrative their own product really just becomes a “way” to build a contact list to make more profits with through joint ventures.

The product owner can literally launch their business from barely surviving to being massively successful by going through the marketing channels of another business, sharing profits generated, and establishing their own customer base and even contact base of their own. So not only does the product owner explode their cash-flow at no risk – they also put themselves into a position where they too can upsell, cross-sell or endorse other products with their new customers and prospects.

A joint venture is strictly a performance arrangement; meaning that I get paid based upon the performance of the joint venture.

By not asking for any money up front, I’m shouldering the risk.

I make the joint venture “turnkey”. By “turnkey”, I mean that I set everything up so that you need minimal effort to pull off the joint venture and make money.

  • I will have the ad copy ready, sign everyone up in affiliate software with all your details and put your affiliate id in the ad copy if required.
  • I will do the testing and tracking.
  • I will organize the back end – (some amazing ideas)
  • Doing a joint venture with me only ADDs to what you are doing. It never takes anything away from what you are doing.
  • The value you get from doing a joint venture with me is incredible.  I do not even take the customer list.
  • I make everything really easy for you from start to finish.  I’m really easy to work with and completely upfront about everything.
  • This could be done in as little as a couple of weeks.

How do joint ventures work?

“People like to buy from someone they know and trust.”

The relationship between a business owner and his/her customers is the most valuable asset that business has. This asset isn’t measured in dollars, but if you learn how to leverage it, it’s as good as gold.

Joint Venture Marketing is a Win-Win-Win situation for everyone involved.

The product owner benefits, because he gets to sell his product to many other markets that wouldn’t have been available any other way. This can be done with virtually no expense.

The list owner benefits, because she basically gets free money. By endorsing the product owner’s products, she gets to utilize her business’ hidden asset – the customer list.  It also makes the list owner look good in the eyes of the people on that list as she is providing more value.

Finally the buyer(s) wins, because they get to learn about new products and services they never would have heard of before. They might even get it at a better price than anywhere else.

Lifetime value of a customer.

When the product/service is really great and it serves the customer beyond expectations, he/she will buy again and again from that business.

The real profits aren’t the ones made from the first sale. The real profits come from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th sale, etc. It’s really exciting when you think that there are zero expenses of acquiring the existing customer because they have already been recovered by the first sale.

Money that’s generated is virtually all profit!

Sending a killer letter though a joint venture endorsement can change conversion rates significantly. The list owner just has to write about how great the product owner is, how great the product owner’s service is, the high quality of the product, and how he considers this opportunity to be valuable.

An endorsed sales letter can sell 10 times better than the same letter to an unendorsed list. That means the same offer, which may have only pulled just a 1% – 3% response, can now generate 10% to 30% and MORE!!!

Why…because, the buyers on the list trust the list owner. They have done business with him in the past and are willing to buy again based on his recommendations and endorsements.

It truly is powerful!

Key Concepts:

1. This only augments your profits.

2. You don’t have to lift a finger or spend a penny if you don’t want to.

3. If you don’t have the sales letters, I can generate the marketing/endorsement letters (subject totally to your approval).

4. You can process all the credit card orders for verification.

5. Purely bonus income for you.

6. I can sort out everything.

It’s natural for you to be doubtful and cautious as you do not know me. However, I have learned from my mentor Michael Senoff  (you will not find any negative comments on the internet about.)  I take his morals and ethics into my business and that is why he agreed to mentor me.

Why can’t you do this for yourself?

You can, there is nothing to stop you.  However, as a business person, you may not have the time to take on additional projects at the moment due to day to day running of all the other aspects of operating a business.  What I do is take all of the pressure and stress out of the project and liaison with you either by email, phone or Skype to let you know how everything is working and if you want to change anything.

There are ways and means for contacting potential partners and also for finding partners – the successful running of a joint venture is down to the execution.

You are in control of everything as it is either your list or your product.  I just allow everything to run smoothly.

It really is Win/Win/Win!

What I look for in Joint Venture partners.

1. Desire to make money.

2. An upstanding, honest businessperson.

3. Own the rights to a great product or a list of 5000+ names on a mailing list that there is a good relationship with.

What to do next:

You got this far, so you’re at least curious.  Just email me using the “contact us” form to the right of the website, or phone me.

Just leave a message in either of the formats stating: Your name, Business, How I can help, and I’ll get back to you within 1 day. (Sometimes the weekends are taken up with family and friend stuff so it would be the following Monday.)

Thanks, Alexander Alperovich (MAP Alliance, LLC )

My Disclaimer:

This is such a mind-blowing secret that hardly any business owners know about or understand.

I never “hire” myself out. I never charge for consulting fees. And I never send people an invoice for my advice…

Joint Ventures are my specialty and I learned from the best.

I create instant windfalls of cash for my clients, and instead of charging for my expertise, I simply earn a percentage of what I generate for YOU.

Yes, you heard that right – I will personally earn you a fortune, and from the pile of money that I create for you by doing a Joint Venture to fill your store (online or offline) with cash-spending, life-long customers – I take a reasonable percentage.

At the moment, I am building my portfolio so my percentage is 20%…….

Now, I have to say it: In the future, I’m not going to work for some dinky little percentage. My time is very valuable, and I won’t waste my time with penny-pinching people that don’t understand the fact that they’re getting a lot of money and especially life-long customers that they wouldn’t have had otherwise…

In fact, the moment I sense that people don’t understand the real value of the deals I set up – or the lifetime customers they’re going to acquire that will buy from them over and over again – I simply walk away and find someone else who does appreciate the value of my time and what I do.

So if you’re looking for “free help”, then look elsewhere, and don’t waste my time…

But if you’re looking to literally explode your business with my expertise in creating win-win partnerships with another business that can endorse your products – then let’s talk today.

In the future, my percentage will increase to as much as 40% so get on this now while you can!

Simply give me a call at 443-668-0078, add me to Skype (Mastermindpartner) – I’m on most of the time as it’s how I run my business) or send me an email entitled “Let’s Work Together” using the “Contact Us” form on the right.

I’m ready to make some real money.

Are you?

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