Immediately Start Business The Right Way

Through MAP University and Baron Business Coaching, you will learn how to:

  • Immediately start and grow your business the right way
  • Find the money you need to grow your business
  • Create steady streams of new customers
  • Quickly create multiple income sources
  • Develop a plan and business model that will attract investors
  • Take advantage of grant and corporate sponsorship opportunities
  • Build business credit that does not require a personal guarantee
  • Generate highly effective, low-cost media exposure for your business
  • Successfully brand and launch new products and services
  • Create effective online and offline marketing campaigns
  • Find new sources of revenue, improve operating cash flow, and increase profits
  • Automate and create an exit strategy to “cash out” of your business

You will also learn to avoid the seven major reasons that businesses fail:

  1. Inadequate planning which includes undercapitalization and lack of competent advisors
  2. Using the wrong business model
  3. Failure to create a niche
  4. Failure to deliver the highest value in the marketplace
  5. Failure to establish the right partnerships and joint ventures
  6. Failure to establish adequate trust and credibility with prospects
  7. Using inefficient tools and processes

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